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Finally it’s Sunday , we all know that Sunday is the lay back day of the week were we all try to think of what we did the week before . As for me i like to cook simple and quick lunch after church and eat while watching national geographical channel with David Attenborough. I love liver and it’s doesn’t matter weather it’s chicken or beef. Below is my recipe

Beef liver in sweet chillies sauce


• 50g shallots onions chopped

• 10g garlic crashed

• 200 g beef liver

• 100g Sweet chillies

• salt and pepper to taste as per desire

• cucumber and lettuce for side salad


1. Fry your onion until soft .

2. Add garlic and cook further more until soft

3. Add beef liver and cook for 15 minutes, add a bit of water if burning to moisturize the meat.

4. Add sweet chillies and cook for 5 minutes and add salt and pepper to your taste.

5. Serve it with cucumbers and lettuce as side salad. You can choose any type of salad it’s ok too. Enjoy your layback Sunday .

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